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Manage all your cryptocurrencies in one multi-currency Trastra App. Exchange cryptocurrencies or convert your crypto to cash with the Trastra Debit Card. Use the Trastra App to send cryptocurrencies around the world with minutes. Trastra App is all that you need to handle all your crypto related transactions.

Control all your cryptocurrencies wherever you are

Multiple crypto wallets in your pocket.

  • Get free BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP wallets
  • Free personal IBAN account to receive Euros
  • Use inbuilt QR code scanner to send crypto
  • Choose Bitcoin transaction speed and mining fee
  • Load wallets right from your mobile app

Exchange your crypto on-the-go with Mobile App

Exchange and Cash out your crypto anywhere and any time.

  • Send, receive and store crypto with TRASTRA wallets
  • Exchange crypto to Euro
  • Load your TRASTRA EURO card
  • Cash out crypto in ATM
  • Make POS or ePOS purchases

Always be up-to-date on all your transactions

Your transaction history is available to you anytime

  • Searching for transactions is easy and fast with smart filters
  • See all incoming and outgoing crypto and fiat transactions in one place
  • Receive email notifications about every transaction
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We are rated!

App Store rating is 8,3 out of 10

Alex Tejshera

I can definitely recommend others to give this wallet a shoot! Their app is really easy to use and the interface is very smooth and really fast compared ...

25 February
Robert Dish

I was struggling with a lot of crypto wallets and cards as well... until I learned about Trastra. The wallet's UX is so smooth and very very user-friendly

27 February
Nikolja Nostal

Definitely this app for you If you need to get paid in Crypto or Cashout it! I will explane my point.. For example: business owners, professionals or ...

26 February
Dominico Thomason

STOP WORRYING ABOUT GETTING PAID in CRYPTO! Like an example - If you need to pay your clients.. Do your clients receive cryptocurrency from you?

28 February
Anne Boden

If you need to pay your employees (crypto traders), who get income in cryptocurrency. You can simply just use trastra account and payment ...

26 February

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iOS. Control your cryptocurrencies in one place.

Where to get the TRASTRA Mobile App?

TRASTRA mobile app provides with a very user-friendly interface and offers you almost endless opportunities in the crypto world.

You can download the TRASTRA mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play and have an experience with the most effective and easy to use the app.

How to manage Personal account within the TRASTRA mobile app?

TRASTRA mobile app is a great replacement for the traditional wallets. You can use it anywhere and keep up with the times!

Here is a brief overview that will help you to manage your app.

Sign in or Sign up

Sign in if you’re already a TRASTRA member or you can Sign up using your mobile device and pass the verification procedures.

Manage your crypto funds

Check, transfer, exchange and withdraw funds of your TRASTRA Multiple Wallets with 5 cryptocurrency options (BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC/XRP).

Exchange and withdraw fiat funds with the TRASTRA payment card

Verified users can exchange and further cash out fiat money from their EUR and USD accounts with the TRASTRA payment card using the mobile app.

More options with the TRASTRA card:

  • Activate card
  • Block/unblock the card
  • View PIN and other card details
  • View activity log


On the TRASTRA mobile app Settings page there are the following options:

  • Reference currency
  • Two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact our support team via live chat, or email [email protected].

How to use Built-in QR scanner option in TRASTRA mobile app?

QR codes or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that used the scanning feature of the camera referring to the instant information access hidden in the code.

TRASTRA allows you to use built-in QR and instantly top up TRASTRA multiple crypto wallets.

How to scan a QR code

1. Open Camera.
2. Point towards the QR code.
3. Look for the notification banner at the top of the screen.
4. Tap the notification to trigger the code's action.

Please note: due to the fact that some devices don’t have an automatic built- in option for scanning the code, a third party QR code scanner app might be required for enabling this feature.

Why is is important to enable 2FA in your mobile app?

Security is one of the main aspects of the TRASTRA account. However, to make your account more secure, it is highly recommended to enable the two-factor authentication (2FA in short). Following mentions a quick go through on how to enable 2FA in the TRASTRA Mobile app:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Authenticator.

2. Click on More button in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

3. Access the profile settings.

4. Find and copy the secret code into the Google Authenticator App to add your TRASTRA account.

Enter the Google Authenticator code into the required field and hit Confirm.

How to Exchange function in the TRASTRA mobile App?

With the TRASTRA Mobile App, you'll be able to instantly convert your cryptocurrency to EUR and also vice versa.

The main steps for exchanging crypto:

1. Choose the crypto wallet you’d like, using the slider of the main menu.

2. Tap on the Exchange icon within the dashboard.

3. Enter the amount to be sent.

4. Double-check the data and click on the Exchange button.

5. Confirm the transaction and receive cash to your TRASTRA payment card.

If you have got any queries relating to our services, do not be hesitant to reach to our Support team via live chat or email: [email protected].

How to get the transaction details in the TRASTRA Mobile App?

The TRASTRA mobile app permits you to keep complete track of your crypto transactions along with the transaction history and your main account activities by accessing your account activity log.

The complete activity history is viewed on the final balance page once you log in to your account in the left side of your screen.

If you would like to check the activity log data in details, choose one amongst the TRASTRA crypto wallet or EUR/USD accounts you'd wish to check details for and scroll down for the detailed view.

If you have got any queries concerning your account activities or in case of any issues s, please contact our Support Team at email [email protected] or via live chat.

How to use the Reference Currency Option?

Reference currency refers to the most commonly used or known currency that you wish to be visible for convenience purpose. It leads to an easy transactional view history which also includes reference to your expenditures and crypto balances and also gives the details in a single currency value unit.

The following is the method to showcase and choose the correct currency option within the TRASTRA mobile app:

1. To begin with, you must log in to your TRASTRA account and have a clear view of the dashboard.

2. Further, select the more option at the bottom right corner of your dashboard which also is viewed as 3 horizontal dots.

3. Click on the profile settings option to choose the relevant and needed reference currency of your choice and convenience.

Also note, that the main dashboard always shows the buying and selling rate of Altcoin chosen in your profile settings and this can be used for monitoring purposes.

How to use 3D secure option in the mobile app?

3D Secure (3-domain secure), also known as Payer Authentication (serviced by Visa). It is a security protocol which helps prevention of fraud for online and debit transactions made by the card within the app or web.

Payer Authentication is a three-part process. The parties involved are the seller, the buyer (the bank that processes the payment) and card issuers (i.e., Visa or MasterCard).

Please follow the methods below to activate 3d secure option within your Mobile app:

1. When using VBV (verified for visa), fill out the following card details in the window that opens within your mobile application:

- Signature Panel Code (CVV2 number) - Expiration Date - Date Of Birth.

2. Carefully read and revise the terms and conditions to be followed in the T&C section.

3. After your agreement to T&C section is done, click on the option Verify now.

4. Further, create a strong password (alphanumerics preferred in 8-20 characters long) and click on confirm and then click on submit.